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Babylonia, morals in, 85, Sala, a goddess of, 341 ; magic and ritual, 356-359

Babyloman Magic and Sorcery, dezng The Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand, by Leonard W. King, re- viewed, 356

" Bacca Pipes Jig", or "Green- sleeves ", Oxfordshire morris- dancers' song, 318, music, 323

Baeltine, or May-eve, 17

Bagbean, ingredient in cure for hy- drophobia, 387

Balance Sheet, 28

Balfour, H., on the peeling horn, 311

Ball Games, (^see also Hood Game at Haxey, and Games), derived from ancient solar ritual, 73

Balochi Tales, A Legend of Nadir Shah, 77, Dosten and Shiren, 79,

Bamboo, (hollow), offering placed in, for Siva, 330

Bampton in the Bush, May-day ob- servances, dances and songs, 307- 309, sacrificial element in, 316, Whitsuntide observances, 309, 311, morris-dancers of, 317, names of their songs, 318, words and airs of songs, 320

Baptism, pre-Christian, a query, 280

Barbarossa, his charmed sleep, 197

Bargain element in Aryan sacrifice, 368

Barn Hall, and the Columns of In- golf, 178. 279

Bartsch, Karl, {Hertzog Ernst), cited, on Orendel 294, 297

Basil (tulasi) sacred, 345

Basque folklore, the three Witch- waves, 339

Bassarids, their ecstacy, 48

Beam-cutting tabu, at Barn Hall, 177, 279

Bees in the head, a curse, 377

Bees, vehicles of departed souls in India, 329

Belfast, medicinal folklore of, 389

Bells, worn by morris dancers, 309,

Belluni, Prof., his collection of Italian

amulets, 378 Berecynthia, German idol, carried

about, 337 Berger, quoted in connection with

Orendel, 293 Bhutas, 198, and vampire parallels,


Bible, the, in relation to myth, 169 ; lucky to take into new house, 91, 92

Big Claus and Little Claus, In- dian parallel tale, 181

Binding of a God, the : a Study of the Basis of Idolatry, by W. Crooke,

.325 Binding of a God, Bibliography to the—

Acts of the Apostles, 337 /Elian, Var. Hist. 339 Apollodorus, 344, 349 Asbjornsen, P, C., Popular Tales, (trs. by Sir George Dasent),


Athenseus, Deipnos., 338

Atkinson, article in Hima-

layan Gazetteer, 351

Bancroft, H. H., Native Races of the Pacific States of North America, 333, 345

Bibl. Jacob, 336

Bijdragen tot de Taal-land-en- Volkenkunde van Neerlandsch Indie, 349

Bombay Gazetteer, 347

Bower, H. M., Elevation and Procession of the Ceri, 346

Burne, Miss C. S., Folklore, 340, Shropshire Folklore, 347

Burton, Sir R. F., Arabian Nights, 336, 341, 347; Mis- sion to Gelele, 335, 345, 353

Campbell, J. M., Notes on the Spirit Basis of Belief and Cus- tom, 329

Chalmers, J. and Gill, W. W., Work and Adventure in New Guinea, 349

Chambers, R., Book of Days, 348

Classical Review, article in by J. G. Frazer, 349

Clouston, W. A., Book of Sindi- bad, 347 ; Popular Tales and Fictions, 347

Crooke, William, Popular Re- ligion and Folklore of North- ern India, 335, 337, 343, 348, 351. 352; Tribes and Castes of the North-W^estern Provinces and Oudh, 352

Curtius, 343

Dasent, Sir George, translator, see Asbjornsen, sitpra

Diablo Cojuelo, El, 347

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