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Annual Report of the Council. 23

The Society continues to be represented by Mr. Clodd, Mr. Gomme, and Mr. Jacobs on the Ethnographical Survey Committee, of which its Treasurer is the Chairman, and Mr. Hartland the Secretary. The Ethnographical Survey Committee and the Folklore Society are thus working hand in hand, and most valuable results may be hoped from their co-operation. At the meeting of the British Association at Liverpool, a paper was read in the Anthropological section by Mr. G. Laurence Gomme "On the methods of determin- ing the value of Folklore as Ethnographical Data." This important paper has been printed at length in the Transac- tions of the Association as an appendix to the Report of the Ethnographical Survey Committee, and deserves the most careful perusal. The valuable preliminary report on Folklore in Galloway, by Dr. Gregor, has also been printed in the same Report. It is full of interesting details. Upon the whole, therefore, the Council think that the Society is to be congratulated upon the interest shown in its subject by the Association, which may lead to further recognition at future meetings.

It is satisfactory also to be informed that a committee working on similar lines to that of the Ethnographical Survey Committee has been appointed for Canada, and that one is in contemplation in the United States. Moreover, the Folk- lore Society recently formed in Switzerland has adapted the schedules of the Ethnographical Survey Committee for use in Switzerland, which, it need hardly be said, will afford a most interesting field for enquiry.

The Council have before them the importance of securing permanent quarters for the Society; but the question of funds still prevents action. The Society must expand before the expense which this step entails could be justified.

The library, which is still in the Secretary's rooms at 11, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, continues to increase steadily ; and the Secretary will be glad to see any member who is desirous of inspecting or borrowing any of the books.