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east or from the mountains on the west ; the lawns, the trees, the old house, picturesque in itself, and interesting in its associations, render Monboddo a most pleasant abode. In the time of the old judge it was no doubt bare enough. Where there are now lawns and llower-becls there most likely corn and turnips grew, for he was almost as fond of farming as he was of the ancients. When he re- ceived our travellers, " he was dressed," says Boswell, " in a rustic


��suit, and wore a little round hat. He told us we now saw him as Fanner Burnett, and we should have his family dinner a farmer's dinner. He produced a very long stalk of corn as a specimen of his crop, and said, ' You see here the leetas segetes,'" An instance of his " agricultural enthusiasm " used to be recounted by Sir Walter Scott: "Returning home one night after an absence (I think) on circuit, he went out with a candle to look at a field of turnips, then a novelty in Scotland." ' He had a glimpse, it should seem, of some

1 Croker's Boswell, p. 288.

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