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��The date in each case shows, not the year of the original publication, but of the edition to

which I have referred.

��An Act for Abolishing the Hercditable Jurisdictions. 1747.

An Act to Amend the Disarming Act of Geo. II. Edinburgh, 1748.

Annual Register.

Armstrong, Mostyn J. An Actual Survey of the great Post- Roads between London and Edinburgh. and cd.


Arnot, Hugo. History of Edinbitrgh. Edinburgh, ist cd. 1779: 2nd ed. 1788.

Beattie, James. Essays on Poetry and Music. 3rd ed. London, 1779. Scotticisms. Edinburgh, 1787. Life, by Sir William Forbes. London, 1824.

Berkeley, George Monck. Poems. Lon- don, 1797.

Boswell, Sir Alexander. Songs chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Edinburgh, 1803. (Published anonymously.)

Boswell, James. Life of Johnson and Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, ed. by J. W. Croker, i vol., 8vo., 1848 ; and by G. B. Hill, 6 vols., Oxford, 1887. Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, ed. by R. Carruthers. Let-

��tei-s to the Rev. W. J. Temple. Lon- don, 1857. Boswelliana, ed. by Charles Rogers. London, 1874. Correspondence with the Hon. Andreii' Erskine, ed. by G. B. Hill. London, 1879.

Buchanan, J. L. Travels in the Western Highlands from 1782 to 1790.

��Camden, William. Description of Scot- land. Edinburgh, 1695.

Carlyle, Rev. Dr. Alexander, Auto- biogi-aphy. Edinburgh, 1860.

Carlyle, Thomas. Early Letters, ed. by C. E. Norton. 2 vols. London, 1886. Reminiscences, ed. by J. A. Froude. London, 1881.

Castellated and Domestic Architecture of Scotland, by David Macgibbon and Thomas Ross. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1887-9.

Chalmers, George. Life of Thomas Ruddiman. London and Edinburgh, 1794.

Chambers, Robert. Traditions of Edin- vols., 1825 ; i vol., 1869. History of the Rebellion in Scotland, 1745. 2 vols. Constable's Miscellany, 1827.

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