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��this spot to the sea-shore opposite Skye they had about forty-four miles of highland paths to traverse. This part of their journey they were forced to divide very unequally, as Anoch, the only place where they could find entertainment, was scarcely a third of the way. Crossing the mountains by a road which had been made " with labour that might have broken the perseverance of a Roman legion," early in the afternoon they came " through a wild country" to Glenmorison. 1 They did not, as the guide-book says, follow the course of the river Moriston from Invermoriston, but joined it some miles higher up, above the fine scenery and the wild tumble of water which are shown in the accompanying sketch. This fact I did not discover till too late. Anoch Johnson describes as " stand- ing in a glen or valley pleasantly watered by a winding river. It consists of three huts, one of which is distin- guished by a chimney." It was in the house thus distinguished that they lodged. When I visited this spot last summer, we halted at a farmhouse hard by to rest our horses and

take some lunch. We sat on the bank of a dried-up brook, beneath a row of witch-elms. A cuckoo was Hying about, resting now and then on the garden wall. "Its two-fold shout" it scarcely uttered, thinking, perhaps, that as it was the month of June, it would be " heard, not regarded." The wind rustled in the leaves, the river, blue beneath a blue sky, ran swiftly by, now under a shady bank, and now round a stony foreland, till it lost itself at last from our sight behind a bend. To the west rose lofty mountains; on the other side of the valley were sloping hills. We lunched on frothing milk, oat-cakes, scones, and butter ; the sheep dogs playing around us, and with wistful gaze asking for their share of the feast. We lay on the ground and looked across the little ravine at an old hut that was "distinguished by a chimney." This



��1 I adopt Boswell's spell in: Glenmoriston.

��Johnson calls it Glenmollison. It is now gc-iiL-rally written


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