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��it, and we found it halt-asleep and almost empty, for the season had not yet begun. At the most delightful time of the year, when the days were at their longest and no candles were burnt, there was scarcely a single stranger to enjoy the quiet and the beauty. There were woods and flowering shrubs, rhododendrons and the Portugal laurel, and close to the water's edge the laburnum in full bloom. There were all the sights of peaceful country life the cocks crow- ing, the sheep answering with their bleats their bleating lambs, the cows with their calves in the noonday heat seeking the shade of the tall and wide-spreading trees. The waves lapped gently on the shore, and in the distance, below the rocky coast of Skye, the waters were whitened by the countless sea-birds. We drove up a beautiful valley to the 1'ictish forts, and saw an eagle hovering high above us.



On the morning of Thursday, September 2, our travellers took boat at Glenelg, " and launched into one of the straits of the Atlantic Ocean." Rowing along the Sound ol Slate to- wards the south-west, they reached the shore of Armi- dale in Skye early in the afternoon. They had in- tended to visit in his castle the owner of half the island,

Sir Alexander Macdonald. But, wrote Johnson, " he had come from his seat in the middle of the island to a small house on the shore, as we believe, that he might with less reproach enter- tain us meanly." Boswell was so much disgusted with this chieftain's parsimony, that he "meditated an escape from his house the very next day ; but Dr. Johnson resolved that we should weather it out till Monday." When the day of escape at length came, they started on horseback in a north-westerly direction for Corrichatachin, a farm-house near Broadford, 1 belonging to Sir A. Macdonald, but tenanted by a Mackinnon, a clan to which all this district had formerly belonged. " Here they were entertained better than at the landlord's ; " here " they enjoyed the comfort of a

1 Boswcll calls the place Broadfoot.

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