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��strange contrast to the wilclness of the scenery and the roughness of the weather was their talk one day about Shenstone and his Love Pastorals. It was surely not among the stormy Hebrides that the poet of the Leasowes, whose "ambition was rural elegance," would have expected to be emoted. Yet here it was, in the midst of beating winds and dashing showers, with the storm-tossed sea in view of the windows, that Boswell repeated the pretty stanza :

" She gazed as I slowly withdrew ;

My path I could hardly discern ; So sweetly she bade me adieu,

I thought that she bade me return."

On Friday, October i, they took advantage of a break in the

weather to move on


��to Armidale, about a mile from the Sound of Slate, where they waited for a favour- able wind to carry them to lona. It came, or rather seemed to come, on the following Sun- day.

" While we were chat- ting," writes Boswell, "in the indolent style of men who were to stay here all this day at least, we were suddenly roused at being told that the wind was fair, that a little fleet of herring- busses was passing by for Mull, and that Mr. Simpson's vessel was about to sail. Hugh M'Donald, the skipper, came to us, and was impatient that we should get ready, which wo soon did. ])r. Johnson, with composure and solemnity, repeated the observation of Epictetus, that 'as man has the voyage of death before him, whatever may be his employment, he should be ready at the master's call ; and an old man should never be far from the shore, lest he should not be able to get him- self ready.'"

For some hours they sailed along with a favourable breeze, catching sight of the Isle of Rum as they rounded the point ; but when they had got in full view of Ardnamurchan, the wind changed. They tried tacking, but a storm broke upon them, night came on, and they were forced to run through the darkness for Col. Boswell's account of this dangerous voyage is too long to emote, and too good


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