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the: same time had played many parts, dispersed his motley goods to the four quarters of heaven. The best of his violins, for he had had some of considerable value, had been sent for sale to Glasgow. 1 stayed in the Railway Hotel, a curious old house, which boasted of two sitting-rooms and one bed-room. It was clean and comfortable, and in my courteous landlady I found a woman of sense and education. She quoted Sartor ficsar/us,a.nd spoke with anger of Mr. Fronde's Life of Carlyle. In Scotland the traveller finds book-learning far more generally diffused than in England.

In Hoswell's time Auchinleck, he tells us, was pronounced Affleck. His grand-daughter, who died in 1836, informed Mr. Croker that in her time it had come to be pronounced as it is written. I learnt however from Dr. Chrystal that " the name Affleck is still quite common as applied to the parish, and even Auchinleck House is as often called Place Affleck as otherwise." A lad whom I questioned on the subject told me that the old people call it Affleck but the young Auchinleck. The old pronunciation will no doubt soon disappear.

Boswell had been a kind landlord. Johnson, in the early days of their acquaintance, " had recommended to him a liberal kindness to his tenantry, as people over whom the proprietor was placed by Providence." The advice was congenial to his natural disposition. In his will, which he made ten years before his death, he says : " As there are upon the estate of Auchinleck several tenants whose families have possessed their farms for many generations, I do by these presents grant leases for nineteen years and their respective lives to " here follow the names of eight tenants. He continues : " And I do beseech all the succeeding heirs of entail to be kind to the tenants, and not to turn out old possessors to get a little more rent." We may venture to express a hope that his descendants, if they have slighted him as an author, have always honoured and fol- lowed him as a landlord.


Leaving Auchinleck on the morning of November 8, our travellers arrived that night at Hamilton on the road to Edinburgh. They had crossed Drumclog Moor, the scene of the skirmish nearly

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