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(I'iijie 305.)



'HEN I was at Edinburgh I had a letter from you, telling me that in answer to some enquiry you were informed that I was in the Sky. I was then I suppose in the western islands of Scotland ; I set out on the northern expedition August 6, and came back to Fleet-street, November 26. I have seen a new region.

" I have been upon seven of the islands, and probably should have visited many more, had we not begun our journey so late in the year, that the stormy weather came upon us, and the storms have I believe for about five months hardly any intermission.

" Your Letter told me that you were better. When you write do not forget to confirm that account. I had very little ill health while I was on the journey, and bore rain and wind tolerably well. I had a cold and deaf- ness only for a few days, and those days I passed at a good house. I have traversed the east coast of Scotland from south to north from Edinburgh to Inverness, and the west coast from north to south, from the Highlands to Glasgow, and am come back as I went,

" Sir, " Your affectionate humble servant,

" SAM. JOHNSON. "/ 15, 1774-

" To the Reverend Dr. Taylor, "in Ashbourn,

" Derbyshire."

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