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Reigned 140-87 b.c.

[This Emperor is famous for his long and magnificent reign of fifty-four years; for his energetic patronage of scholars engaged in the resuscitation of Confucian literature; for the brilliant exploits of his generals in Central Asia against the Huns; for the establishment of universities and literary degrees, etc., etc. For a reply to the Proclamation annexed, see Tung-fang So.]


EXCEPTIONAL work demands exceptional men. A bolting or a kicking horse may eventually become a most valuable animal.

A man who is the object of the world's detestation may live to accomplish great things. As with the untractable horse, so with the infatuated man;―it is simply a question of training.

We therefore command the various district officials to search for men of brilliant and exceptional talents, to be Our generals, Our ministers, and Our envoys to distant States.

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