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Messrs. Roberts Brothers' Publications.

THE LAYMAN'S BREVIARY. A Selection for Every Day in the Year. Translated from the German of Leopold Schefer, by Charles T. Brooks. In one square 16mo. volume, bevelled cloth, gilt edges. Price, $2.50. A cheaper edition. Price, $1.50.

"The 'Layman's Breviary' will adorn drawing-room centre-tables, boudoirs, library nooks; it will be a favorite travelling companion, and be carried on summer excursions to read under trees and on verandas. For every day of the year there are thoughts, counsels, aspirations—many of them Oriental in tone, or patriarchal in spirit; there are delineations of nature, pure utterances of faith; each page contains fresh and earnest expressions of a poetic, believing, humane soul—often clad in exquisite language. It is eminently a household book, and one to be taken up and enjoyed at intervals."—Boston Transcript.

"Each poem is in itself a sermon; not of dry, theological dogmas, but the love and care of the Infinite, the yearning and outreaching of the human to grasp the divine. It is a book not to be lightly read and carelessly tossed aside, but to be studied daily until the lessons it conveys are learned, and its comforting words written on every heart. Of the author's religious opinions we know nothing; what creed he subscribes to we cannot tell; but we do know that he is a true worshipper of God, and lover of his fellow-men. This book should be on every table; all households should possess it; we cannot too highly recommend it to the notice of all. It has been truly said, that 'these blooming pictures of Nature, praising the love, the goodness, the wisdom of the Creator and His work, form in truth a poetical book of devotion for the layman whom the dogma does not satisfy—a breviary for man.'"—The Wide World.

MY PRISONS. Memoirs of Silvio Pellico. With an Introduction by Epes Sargent, and embellished with fifty Illustrations from drawings by Billings. One square 12mo. volume, bevelled cloth, gilt edges. Price, $3.50. A cheaper edition. Price, $2.00.

"Some thirty-five years ago the publication of "My Prisons, Memoirs of Silvio Pellico," first appealed to the sympathies of the Italian people. The history of a martyr to freedom is always entertaining, and the pathos and beauty which surround the narrative in question have always kept alive the interest of all intelligent nations. It ranks, therefore, deservedly high in biographical literature. The present edition is a very superior one, and is introduced by Epes Sargent, who vigorously reviews the despotism of Austria in the incarceration of Pellico, and the changes which have since occurred in European politics."—Chicago Evening Journal.

"The story is simply told, for adventures like those of the author need no graces of style or highly wrought figures. The book has a charm which few novels possess; indeed, one can hardly believe that it is true, and that so few years have passed since men of noble birth and fine culture were condemned to suffer for years in prison on account of their political opinions."—Boston Transcript.

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