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THERE were two brothers who were both soldiers ; the one was rich and the other poor. The poor man thought he would try to better himself; so, pulling off his red coat, he became a gardener, and dug his ground well, and sowed turnips.

When the seed came up, there was one plant bigger than all the rest ; and it kept getting larger and larger, and seemed as if it would never cease growing ; so that it might have been called the prince of turnips ; for there never was such a one seen before^ and never will again. At last it was so big that it filled a cart, and two oxen could hardly draw it ; and the gardener knew not what in the world to do with it, nor whether it would be a blessing or a curse to him. One day he said to himself, " What shall I do with it ? if I sell it, it will bring no more than another ; and for eating, the little turnips are better than this ; the best thing perhaps is to carry it and give it to the king as a mark of respect."

Then he yoked his oxen, and drew the turnip to the Court, and gave it to the king. '* What a wonderful thing !" said the king ; " I have seen many strange things, but such a monster as this I never saw. Where did you get the seed ? or is it only your good luck ? If so, you are a true child of fortune." " Ah, no 1" answered the gardener ; " I am no child of fortune ; I am a poor soldier, who never could get enough to live upon ; so I laid aside my red coat, and set to work, tilling the ground. I have a brother, who is rich, and your Majesty