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shall be to sanction the acts of the federal congress; to counsel the executive on important cases, to nominate the individuals employed by the federation, and to watch over their conduct. It declares that the executive power shall be vested

1. In a President popularly chosen, whose duty it shall be to enforce the laws, but on all important matters, previously to consult the senate;

2. In a Vice President, and

3. In a Supreme Court of Justice, which shall exercise the highest judicial power.

It decrees, that the internal affairs of each state shall be regulated by itself upon the following principles:

1. By an Assembly of Deputies, popularly elected, who shall form the laws, determine the expenses of administration, decree duties, and fix the military force, with consent of the federal congress.

2. By a Council, similarly chosen, whose privilege it shall be to give or withhold sanction to the laws, to counsel the executive power, and to nominate the individuals holding the higher offices of the state.

3. By a Chief, whose duty it shall be to direct the executive, to nominate the gefe politico of each department, and to dispose of the forces of the state.