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Natural History, -Productions, -Physical Geography, -Rivers and Lakes, -Diseases, -Idiotcy.

Every part of the United Provinces invites the attention of the naturalist to a field, in which scarcely any investigations have, as yet, been made. In the zoological department, may be found a species of lion, without mane,- the tiger, or, rather, the jaguar,- the manati, tapir, and wild boar, -the bear, and the wolf, -monkeys of every description, liom the most diminutive of all their tribes, to the great baboon, bold and powerful enough to combat man, -stags, squirrels, and all the domestic animals, besides many others, peculiar to the country, and undescribed by naturalists.

Of the ornithology still less is known; an infinite variety of the feathered tribe, including, it is supposed, near two hundred species, found only in these parts of the New World, and comprising