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“Frightfully at times. If it were a boy it would be easier. It needs constant tact and dexterity to fix things up. Neither of us have any. It needs attention....”

Sir Richmond mused darkly.

Dr. Martineau thought aloud. “An incompetent delightful person with Martin Leeds’s sense of humour. And her powers of expression. She must be attractive to many people. She could probably do without you. If once you parted.”

Sir Richmond turned on him eagerly.

“You think I ought to part from her? On her account?”

“On her account. It might pain her. But once the thing was done——”

“I want to part. I believe I ought to part.”


“But then my affection comes in.”

“That extraordinary—tenderness of yours?”

“I’m afraid.”

“Of what?”

“Anyone might get hold of her—if I let her down. She hasn’t a tithe of the ordinary cool-headed calculation of an average woman.... I’ve a duty to her genius. I’ve got to take care of her.”

To which the doctor made no reply.

“Nevertheless the idea of parting has been very much in my mind lately.”

“Letting her go free?”