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on the Warrant; after which the Warrant shall have the same force and effect as if such Pardon or Remission had not been granted; but the Justice shall in every such case report his proceedings to His Excellency The Governor.

What description of Labour to follow certain Sentences of the Courts of Justice.VIII. When any Magistrate or Court shall sentence a Prisoner to Hard Labour, this shall be understood to mean Hard Labour (in Chains i£ necessary) within or without the Prison Walls, in such mode as the Gaoler under the sanction of the sheriff may appoint; and a Prisoner be sentenced to Hard Labour within the Prison, this shall be understood to mean similar Labour imposed in a similar manner within the Prison Walls; and if a Prisoner be sentenced to Imprisonment, this shall be understood to mean imprisonment with Labour of such light description within the Prison Walls as may be appointed by the Gaoler under the sanction of the Sheriff; and Persons charged with any Crime or Offence, confined for want of Sureties, shall be under the same regulations as to Labour as those sentenced to simple imprisonment, and if Prisoners for Debt, or on Civil Process, or under Committal for Trial, shall request to be employed in Labour, the Gaoler may, with their consent, employ there in such work as may seem to him suitable.

Indemnity Clause.IX. No Action of Proceeding at Law shall be brought against any Sheriff, Gaoler, or other Officer of the said Gaol for any Act heretofore done by them, or any of them in enforcing discipline therein.

S. G. Bonham.

Passed the Legislative Council of Hongkong,
this 20th Day of September, 1853.

L. D'Alamada e Castro,
Clerk of Councils.

Printed and Published by Robert Strachan, at the Hongkong Register Office, Queen's Road, Victoria, Hongkong.