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PAGtS CHAP. I. TIPU'S ACCESSION TO THE THRONE . . . 117-119 II. CAPTURE OF BEDNUR BY GENERAL MATTHEWS : ITS RECOVERY BY TlPU I2O-I23 III. SIEGE OF MANGALORE : TIPU'S CRUELTIES . 124-127 IV. COLONEL FULLARTON'S MILITARY OPERATIONS - 128-130 V. CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE MARATHAS . . . 131-134 VI. TIPU'S REFORMS IN MALABAR. EMBASSIES TO EUROPE 135-138 VII. INVASION OF TRAVANCORE 139-144 VIII. LORD CORNWALLIS DECLARES WAR. WANT OF SUCCESS OF GENERAL MEDOWS. SIEGE OF BANGALORE. ATTACK UPON SERINGAPATAM . 145-158 IX. MILITARY OPERATIONS OF THE MARATHAS AND THE NIZAM 159-161 X. CAPTURE OF NANDIDRUG. DISASTER AT COIM- BATORE. STORMING OF SAVANDRUG. FIRST SIEGE OF SERINGAPATAM .... 162-173 XI. TIPU'S SECRET MACHINATIONS .... 174-179 XII. LORD MORNINGTON ASSUMES THE OFFICE OF GOVERNOR-GENERAL : HIS CORRESPONDENCE WITH TlPU l8o-l88 XIII. LORD MORNINGTON DECLARES WAR AGAINST TIPU. FINAL SIEGE OF SERINGAPATAM. THE SULTAN'S DEATH 189-207 XIV. TIPU'S CHARACTER AND ADMINISTRATION. His FANATICISM AND CRUELTY .... 208-227 INDEX 229-233 NOTE ON THE SPELLING OF INDIAN NAMES The orthography of proper names follows the system adopted by the Indian Government for the Imperial Gazetteer of India. That system, while adhering to the popular spelling of very well-known places, such as Punjab, Poona, Deccan, Mysore, Bangalore, &c., employs in all other cases the vowels with the following uniform sounds : a, as in woman : a, as in father : i, as in kin : i, as in intrigue : o, as in cold : u, as in bwll : u, as in rwral.