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testant prelate's family in the precincts of his former abode. The quondam Bishop exclaims—

But, soft! what gracious form appears!
Is this a convent's life?
Atrocious sight! By all my fears,
A prelate with a wife.

Ah! sainted Mary! Not for this
Our pious labours joined,
The witcheries of domestic bliss
Had shook e'en Gardiner's mind.

Hence! all the sinful human ties,
Which mar the cloister's plan.
Hence! all the weak fond charities
Which make man feel for man.

But tortured memory vainly speaks
The projects we designed,
While this apostate Bishop seeks
The freedom of mankind.

And who shall change his wayward heart,
His wilful spirit turn,
For those his labours can't convert,
His weakness will not burn!

Mrs. Barbauld, from the Nonconformist point of view, wrote a rejoinder as an apology from the Bishops, beginning—

Right Reverend Brother, and so forth,
The Bishops send you greeting,
They honour much the zeal and worth
In you so highly meeting.

But your abuse of us, good Sir,
Is very little founded,
We blush that you should make a stir
With notions so ungrounded.