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VI. Pirro. Never ! Angela. What ! I believe you would try to play the virtuous man. Wretch ! If you utter a single word Pirro. Hut, Angelo, 1 beseech you, for the love of God sliiffr/o. Do not meddle with what you cannot prevent. Pirro. Ah ! When the Devil holds one by a single hair, as well yield him the entire head. Unhappy that I am ! EMIUA GAI.OTTI. AN hour after the young traveller with the black plume left the Spladgest, night fell, and the crowd dispersed. Oglypiglap closed the outer door of the funereal structure, while his master, Spiagudry, gave the hodies deposited within a final sprinkling. Then both withdrew to their scantily furnished abode, and while Oglypiglap slept upon his wretched pallet, like one of the corpses intrusted to his care, the venerable Spiagudry, seated at a stone table covered with old books, dried