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Messrs. Methuen's Catalogue

A. Brooke.^ With 40 Illustrations by E. H. New, including a Frontispiece in Photogravure. Cr. 8vo. ys. 6d, net. See also Little Library.

Wordsworth (W.) and Coleridge (S. T.). See Little Library.

Wright (Arthur), D.D., Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge. See Churchman's Library.

Wright (C. Gordon). See Dante.

Wright (J. C). TO-DAY. Thoughts on Life for every day. Demy T6tno. is. td. net.


Wyatt (Kate M.). See Gloag (M. R.).

Wylde(A. B.). MODERN ABYSSINIA. With a Map and a Portrait. Demy Zvo. $s. net.

Wyllie (M. A.). NORWAY AND ITS FJORDS. With 16 Illustrations, in Colour by W. L. Wyllte, R.A., and 17 other Illustrations. Crown Zvo. US. A Colonial Edition is also published.

Wytidham (George). See Shakespeare (William).

Wyon (R.) and Prance (G.). THE LAND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAIN. With 51 Illustrations. Cr. 8vo. zs. 6d. net.

Yeats (W. B.). A BOOK OF IRISH VERSE. Revised and Enlarged Edition. Cr. Zvo. 3^. 6<3?.

Young (Filson). THE COMPLETE MOTORIST. With 138 Illustrations. New Edition {Seventh)^ with many additions. Demy. 8vo, 12s. 6d. net. A Colonial Edition is also published.

THE JOY OF THE ROAD : An Appreciation of the Motor Car. With a Frontispiece in Photogravure. Small Demy %vo, 5^. net.

Young (T. M.). THE AMERICAN COTTON INDUSTRY: A Study of Work and Workers. Cr. Zvo. Cloth^ zs. 6d.; paper boards^ is. 6d.


Ancient Cities

General Editor, B. C. A. WINDLE, D.Sc, F.R.S.

Cr. Svo. 4s. 6d. net.

Chester. By B. C. A. Windle, D.Sc. F.R.S.

Illustrated by E. H. New.

Shrewsbury. By T. Auden, M.A., F.S.A.

Illustrated by Katharine M. Roberts.

Canterbury. By J. C. Cox, LL.D., F.S.A.

Illustrated by B. C. Boulter.

Edinburgh. By M. G. Williamson, M.A.

Illustrated by Herbert Railton.

Lincoln. By E. Mansel Sympson, M.A.,

M.D. Illustrated by E. H. New. Bristol. By Alfred Harvey, M.B. Illustrated by E. H. New.

Dublin. By S. A. O. Fitzpatrick. Illustrated by W. C. Green.

The Antiquary's Books

General Editor, J. CHARLES COX. LL.D,, F.S.A.

Demy Sz>o. ys. 6d, net.

English Monastic Life. By the Right Rev. Abbot Gasquet, O.S.B. Illustrated. Third Edition.

Remains of the Prehistoric Age in England. By B. C. A. Windle, D.Sc, F.R.S. With numerous Illustrations and Plans.

Old Service Books of the English Church. By Christopher Wordsworth, M.A., and Henry Littlehales. With Coloured and other Illustrations.

Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian Times. By J. Romilly Allen, F.S.A. With numerous Illustrations and Plans.

Archilsology and False Antiquities. By R. Munro, LL.D. Illustrated.

Shrines of British Saints. ByJ. C. Wall. With numerous Illustrations and Plans.

The Royal Forests of England. By J. C. Cox, LL.D., F.S.A. Illustrated.

The Manor and Manorial Records. By Nathaniel J. Hone. Illustrated. English Seals. By J. Harvey Bloom. Illustrated.

The Bells of England. By Canon J. J. Raven, D.D., F.S.A. With Illustrations. Second Edition.

Parish Life in Mediaeval England. By the Right Rev. Abbott Gasquet, O.S.B. With many Illustrations. Second Edition.

The Domesday Inquest. By Adolphus Ballard, B. A. , LL. B. With 27 Illustrations.

The Brasses of England. By Herbert W. Macklin, M.A. With many Illustrations. Second Edition.

English Church Furniture. By J. C. Cox, LL.D., F.S.A., and A. Harvey, M.B. Second Edition.

Folk-Lore as an Historical Science. By G. L. Gomme. With many Illustrations. English Costume. By George Clinch, F.G.S. With many Illustrations.