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Art. I. OF Members.

All who have been connected with the Law School, either as pro- fessors or students, shall be of right members of the Association.

Art II. OF Officers.

Section i. The Officers of the Association shall be a President, five Vice-Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secre- tary, a Treasurer, and an Executive Committee; all of whom shall be elected at regular meetings of the Association, to serve for the term of two years.

Sect. 2. The President shall preside at all meetings, and perform all the other duties usually incident to that office.

SEcr. 3. The Vice-Presidents in the order of seniority shall, in the absence of the President, perform his duties.

They shall be elected one from each of the New England, Middle, Southern, Western, and Facific divisions of States.

Sect. 4. The Recording Secretary shall have charge of all records of the Association, shall make and keep accurate minutes of all meet- ings, shall prepare and preserve, as accurately as may be, a record of all members of the Association, with the year in which they left the School, their residence, the public positions which they may have held, arid any other matters of interest concerning them. He may in his discretion appoint in any State an Assistant Secretary, whose duty it shall be to collect and forward to him any statistics in regard to the members of the Association in that section of the country.

Sect. 5. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspond- ence of the Association.

Sect. 6. The Executive Committee shall consist of live members, by election, residing in Massachusetts, and the Secretary and Treasurer, ex'Officiis,

Art. III. Meetings.

There shall be a meeting of the Association every year, at such time as the Executive Committee shall appoint, who shall also have authority to call special meetings, with such notice as they shall deem sufficient

��Art IV. Amendments.

This Constitution may be amended at any of the regular meetings of the Association by a vote of two-thirds of those present

��B. R. Curtis, Emory Washburn, Theophilus Parsons, Nathaniel Holmes, Darwin E. Ware, Geo. Griggs, John C. Ropes, Edwin H. Abbot, George M. Reed, J. M. F. Howard, F. C. Loring, Saml. Batchelder, jr., Thornton K. Lothrop,

��K. B. Kendall, H. A. Scudder, Rich. H. Dana, jr., G. S. Hillard, John Lathrop, Austin J. Coolidge, G. H. Richards, las. Hewins, Fisher Ames, R. R. Bishop, Arthur Lincoln, George S. Frost, James J. Wright, C. '6i,

Edward Bangs, Thos. P. Proctor, George E. Otis, Philip H. Sears, Joseph F. Clark, R. F. Fuller, Edw'd D. Boit, jr., S. Lothrop Thorndike, John C. Gray, jr., Samuel C. Davis, jr., John Codman, Geo. A. Fisher, Robert D. Smith,