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CASES.— Atix)rney.— Ctfii/iiffi/^.

Cannot compromise 234

Banks and Banking. Drafts for collection 48

Check not an equitable assignment 49

Creditor preferred whose misappropriated funds have swelled

assets 51

Mingling funds before insolvency 96, 187

Nature of savings-bank 386

See, also, Bills and Notes,

Bills and Notes. Oral acceptance of bill of exchange 49

Check not an equitable assignment 49

Promissory note as evidence of debt 51

Discounts and collections; agreement to keep proceeds separate, . 96

Purchaser for value . • loi

Collateral promise; negotiability 145

Protest and notice 187

Liability of indorser of non-negotiable note 287

Parol evidence of condition subsequent is admissible 387

See, also, Banks and Banking,

Binding Receipt. See Insurance,

Bond. See Heal Property,

Book-Entries. See Evidence,

Broker. See Agency,

Carrier. See Common Carriers,

Charitable Corporations. See Corporatims,

Check. See BiUs and Notes,

Children. See Real Property,

Chinese. See Constitutional Law,

Church. Statutory right in England to attend church (note) 285

Citizens. See Constitutional Imw,

Civil Death. See Death.

Civil Rights. See Constitutional Law,

Clairvoyants. See Physicians.

Clergymen. See Immigration,

Client. See Attorney,

Common Carriers. Limitation of liability 96

Transportation companies 96

Duty to provide seats for passengers 143

Ejection of passenger for failure to produce ticket 187

Care due to intoxicated passenger 235

Care due to passenger from connecting line 287

Goods delayed by strike 287

Railway ticket 386

Malicious negligence of employee 386

CoNFUcr OF Laws. Enforcement of statute of another State 52

Capacity to contract; lex loci 235

Assignments void in another State 386

Constitutional Law. Citizens of another State 237

Due process of law; confinement for drunkenness 96

Taking property without compensation; oleomargarine

  • ct8 143. 237

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