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The Third Part of

Clar. In sign of truth, I kiss your highness' hand.

K. Hen. Well-minded Clarence, be thou fortunate!

Mont. Comfort, my lord; and so, I take my leave. 28

Oxf. [Kissing Henry's hand.] And thus I seal my truth, and bid adieu.

K. Hen. Sweet Oxford, and my loving Montague,
And all at once, once more a happy farewell. 31

War. Farewell, sweet lords: let's meet at Coventry.

Exeunt [all but King Henry and Exeter].

K. Hen. Here at the palace will I rest awhile.
Cousin of Exeter, what thinks your lordship?
Methinks the power that Edward hath in field
Should not be able to encounter mine. 36

Exe. The doubt is that he will seduce the rest.

K. Hen. That's not my fear; my meed hath got me fame:
I have not stopp'd mine ears to their demands,
Nor posted off their suits with slow delays; 40
My pity hath been balm to heal their wounds,
My mildness hath allay'd their swelling griefs,
My mercy dried their water-flowing tears;
I have not been desirous of their wealth; 44
Nor much oppress'd them with great subsidies,
Nor forward of revenge, though they much err'd.
Then why should they love Edward more than me?
No, Exeter, these graces challenge grace: 48
And when the lion fawns upon the lamb,
The lamb will never cease to follow him.

Shout within, 'A Lancaster! A Lancaster!'

Exe. Hark, hark, my lord! what shouts are these?

Enter Edward, [Richard,] and his Soldiers.

31 at once: together
37 doubt: fear
38 meed: merit
40 posted off: carelessly postponed
45 subsidies: taxes
46 forward of: (been) eager for
50 S. d. A Lancaster; cf. n.