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The Third Part of

2. Mess. By this at Daintry, with a puissant troop.

Enter [Sir John] Somerville.

War. Say, Somerville, what says my loving son?
And, by thy guess, how nigh is Clarence now?8

Som. At Southam I did leave him with his forces,
And do expect him here some two hours hence. [Drum heard.]

War. Then Clarence is at hand. I hear his drum.

Som. It is not his, my lord; here Southam lies:12
The drum your honour hears marcheth from Warwick.

War. Who should that be? belike, unlook'd for friends.

Som. They are at hand, and you shall quickly know.

March. Flourish. Enter Edward, Richard, and Soldiers.

K. Edw. Go, trumpet, to the walls, and sound a parle.16

Rich. See how the surly Warwick mans the wall.

War. O, unbid spite! is sportful Edward come?
Where slept our scouts, or how are they seduc'd,
That we could hear no news of his repair?20

K. Edw. Now, Warwick, wilt thou ope the city gates,
Speak gentle words, and humbly bend thy knee?—
Call Edward king, and at his hands beg mercy?
And he shall pardon thee these outrages.24

War. Nay, rather, wilt thou draw thy forces hence,—
Confess who set thee up and pluck'd thee down?—
Call Warwick patron, and be penitent;
And thou shalt still remain the Duke of York.28

6 Daintry: Daventry, 20 miles southeast
9 Southam: 15 miles south
13 Warwick: 12 miles southwest
16 parle: parley
18 unbid: unwelcome
20 repair: approach