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The Third Part of

'Wind-changing Warwick now can change no more.'

Enter Oxford, with drum and colours.

War. O cheerful colours! see where Oxford comes!

Oxf. Oxford, Oxford, for Lancaster!

[He and his Forces enter the city.]

Rich. The gates are open, let us enter too.60

K. Edw. So other foes may set upon our backs.
Stand we in good array; for they no doubt
Will issue out again and bid us battle:
If not, the city being but of small defence,64
We'll quickly rouse the traitors in the same.

War. O! welcome, Oxford! for we want thy help.

Enter Montague, with drum and colours.

Mont. Montague, Montague, for Lancaster!

[He and his Forces enter the city.]

Rich. Thou and thy brother both shall buy this treason68
Even with the dearest blood your bodies bear.

K. Edw. The harder match'd, the greater victory:
My mind presageth happy gain, and conquest.

Enter Somerset, with drum and colours.

Som. Somerset, Somerset, for Lancaster!72

[He and his Forces enter the city.]

Rich. Two of thy name, both Dukes of Somerset,
Have sold their lives unto the house of York;
And thou shalt be the third, if this sword hold.

Enter Clarence, with drum and colours.

War. And lo! where George of Clarence sweeps along,76
Of force enough to bid his brother battle;

57 Wind-changing: fickle as the wind
63 bid: offer
64 of small defence: ill-fortified
73 Two of thy name; cf. n.