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The Third Part of

For well I wot ye blaze to burn them out:
Give signal to the fight, and to it, lords.72

Queen. Lords, knights, and gentlemen, what I should say
My tears gainsay; for every word I speak,
Ye see, I drink the water of my eye.
Therefore, no more but this: Henry, your sovereign,76
Is prisoner to the foe; his state usurp'd,
His realm a slaughter house, his subjects slain,
His statutes cancell'd, and his treasure spent;
And yonder is the wolf that makes this spoil.80
You fight in justice: then, in God's name, lords,
Be valiant, and give signal to the fight.Exeunt.

Alarum. Retreat. Excursions.


Scene Five

[Another Part of the Same]

Flourish. Enter Edward, Richard, Clarence [with] Queen, Oxford, Somerset [as prisoners].


K. Edw. Now, here a period of tumultuous broils.
Away with Oxford to Hames Castle straight:
For Somerset, off with his guilty head.
Go, bear them hence; I will not hear them speak.4

Oxf. For my part, I'll not trouble thee with words.

Som. Nor I, but stoop with patience to my fortune. Exeunt [guarded].

Queen. So part we sadly in this troublous world,
To meet with joy in sweet Jerusalem.8

K. Edw. Is proclamation made, that who finds Edward

74 gainsay: forbid
82 S. d. Excursions: sallies across the stage

1 period: full stop
2 Hames Castle; cf. n.