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King Henry the Sixth, V. v

How sweet a plant have you untimely cropp'd!
You have no children, butchers! if you had,
The thought of them would have stirr'd up remorse:64
But if you ever chance to have a child,
Look in his youth to have him so cut off
As, deathsmen, you have rid this sweet young prince!

K. Edw. Away with her! go, bear her hence perforce.68

Queen. Nay, never bear me hence, dispatch me here:
Here sheathe thy sword, I'll pardon thee my death.
What! wilt thou not? then, Clarence, do it thou.

Clar. By heaven, I will not do thee so much ease.72

Queen. Good Clarence, do; sweet Clarence, do thou do it.

Clar. Didst thou not hear me swear I would not do it?

Queen. Ay, but thou usest to forswear thyself:
'Twas sin before, but now 'tis charity.76
What! wilt thou not? Where is that devil's butcher,
Richard, hard-favour'd Richard? Richard, where art thou?
Thou art not here: murther is thy alms-deed;
Petitioners for blood thou ne'er put'st back.80

K. Edw. Away, I say! I charge ye, bear her hence.

Queen. So come to you and yours, as to this prince!Exit Queen [led out forcibly].

K. Edw. Where's Richard gone?

Clar. To London, all in post; and, as I guess,84
To make a bloody supper in the Tower.

K. Edw. He's sudden if a thing comes in his head.
Now march we hence: discharge the common sort
With pay and thanks, and let's away to London88

62 cropp'd: broken off
63 You have no children; cf. n.
64 remorse: pity
67 deathsmen: executioners
67  rid: made away
75 usest: hast the habit
79 alms-deed: charity
82 come to: befall
87 common sort: plain soldiery