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King Henry the Sixth

was Warwick's younger daughter, Anne, who married Prince Edward, the elder having been already married to Clarence. In Richard III, I. i. 152, the error is corrected. Speaking of Prince Edward's widow, Richard says: 'For then I'll marry Warwick's youngest daughter.'


IV. i. 6 S. d. Four stand on one side, and four on the other. The king stands in the middle and the two factions group themselves at opposite sides of the stage.

IV. i. 40. England is safe, if true within itself. A common sentiment which forms the subject of the concluding lines of Shakespeare's King John.

IV. i. 47, 48. For this one speech Lord Hastings well deserves To have the heir of the Lord Hungerford. This passage and lines 51-55 below are based on Halle's report of a complaint against the king which Clarence made to Warwick: 'This you knowe well enough, that the heire of the Lord Scales he hath maried to his wifes brother, the heire also of the lorde Bonuile and Haryngton he hath geuen to his wifes sonne, and theire of the lorde Hungerford he hath graunted to the lorde Hastynges: thre mariages more meter for hys twoo brethren and kynne then for suche newe foundlynges as he hath bestowed theim on.'

IV. i. 70. That I was not ignoble of descent. Her mother, born Jacquetta of Luxemburg, was a great lady of Burgundy, who was married in 1433 to the Duke of Bedford, brother of Henry V. Upon Bedford's death she married Sir Richard Woodville, whose daughter the present queen was.

IV. i. 118. Belike the elder; Clarence will have the younger. Compare note on III. iii. 242, 243. Clarence had married Warwick's elder daughter, Isabel, June 11, 1469, more than a year before the marriage of his younger daughter to Prince Edward.