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The Third Part of

Exe. But when the duke is slain, they'll quickly fly.

Henry. Far be the thought of this from Henry's heart,
To make a shambles of the parliament-house!
Cousin of Exeter, frowns, words, and threats 72
Shall be the war that Henry means to use.
Thou factious Duke of York, descend my throne,
And kneel for grace and mercy at my feet;
I am thy sovereign.

York.I am thine. 76

Exe. For shame! come down: he made thee Duke of York.

York. It was my inheritance, as the earldom was.

Exe. Thy father was a traitor to the crown.

War. Exeter, thou art a traitor to the crown 80
In following this usurping Henry.

Clif. Whom should he follow but his natural king?

War. True, Clifford; that is Richard, Duke of York.

Henry. And shall I stand, and thou sit in my throne? 84

York. It must and shall be so: content thyself.

War. Be Duke of Lancaster: let him be king.

West. He is both king and Duke of Lancaster;
And that the Lord of Westmoreland shall maintain. 88

War. And Warwick shall disprove it. You forget
That we are those which chas'd you from the field
And slew your fathers, and with colours spread
March'd through the city to the palace gates. 92

North. Yes, Warwick, I remember it to my grief;
And, by his soul, thou and thy house shall rue it.

West. Plantagenet, of thee, and these thy sons,
Thy kinsmen and thy friends, I'll have more lives 96
Than drops of blood were in my father's veins.

78 earldom: of March
79 Cf. n.
88 Lord of Westmoreland; cf. n.