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The Third Part of

Thou hast one son; for his sake pity me, 40
Lest in revenge thereof, sith God is just,
He be as miserably slain as I.
Ah! let me live in prison all my days;
And when I give occasion of offence, 44
Then let me die, for now thou hast no cause.

Clif. No cause!
Thy father slew my father; therefore, die. [Stabs him.]

Rut. Dii faciant laudis summa sit ista tuæ! [Dies.]

Clif. Plantagenet! I come, Plantagenet!
And this thy son's blood cleaving to my blade
Shall rust upon my weapon, till thy blood,
Congeal'd with this, do make me wipe off both. Exit.


Scene Four

[Another Part of the Plains]

Alarum. Enter Richard, Duke of York.


York. The army of the queen hath got the field:
My uncles both are slain in rescuing me;
And all my followers to the eager foe
Turn back and fly, like ships before the wind, 4
Or lambs pursu'd by hunger-starved wolves.
My sons, God knows what hath bechanced them:
But this I know, they have demean'd themselves
Like men born to renown by life or death. 8
Three times did Richard make a lane to me,
And thrice cried, 'Courage, father! fight it out!'
And full as oft came Edward to my side,
With purple falchion, painted to the hilt 12

48 'The gods grant that this be the height of thy glory'

4 Turn back: present their backs
7 demean'd: behaved
12 purple: blood-color
falchion: curved sword, sabre