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King Henry the Sixth, II. ii

Comes Warwick, backing of the Duke of York;
And in the towns, as they do march along,
Proclaims him king, and many fly to him:
Darraign your battle, for they are at hand. 72

Clif. I would your highness would depart the field:
The queen hath best success when you are absent.

Queen. Ay, good my lord, and leave us to our fortune.

King. Why, that's my fortune too; therefore I'll stay. 76

North. Be it with resolution then to fight.

Prince. My royal father, cheer these noble lords,
And hearten those that fight in your defence:
Unsheathe your sword, good father: cry, 'Saint George!' 80

March. Enter Edward, Warwick, Richard, Clarence, Norfolk, Montague, and Soldiers.

Edw. Now, perjur'd Henry, wilt thou kneel for grace,
And set thy diadem upon my head;
Or bide the mortal fortune of the field?

Queen. Go, rate thy minions, proud insulting boy! 84
Becomes it thee to be thus bold in terms
Before thy sovereign and thy lawful king?

Edw. I am his king, and he should bow his knee;
I was adopted heir by his consent: 88
Since when, his oath is broke; for, as I hear,
You, that are king, though he do wear the crown,
Have caus'd him, by new act of parliament,
To blot out me, and put his own son in. 92

Clif. And reason too:

72 Darraign: draw up
battle: line of battle
73 depart: leave
76 Cf. n.
84 rate: scold
minions: saucy favorites
85 thus . . . terms: on so insolent a footing
89-92 Cf. n.
93 reason: it was reasonable