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King Henry the Sixth, II. iv

War. Away, away! Once more, sweet lords, farewell. 48

Clar. Yet let us all together to our troops,
And give them leave to fly that will not stay,
And call them pillars that will stand to us;
And if we thrive, promise them such rewards 52
As victors wear at the Olympian games.
This may plant courage in their quailing breasts;
For yet is hope of life and victory.
Forslow no longer; make we hence amain. 56



Scene Four

[Another Part of the Field]

Excursions. Enter Richard and Clifford.


Rich. Now, Clifford, I have singled thee alone.
Suppose this arm is for the Duke of York,
And this for Rutland; both bound to revenge,
Wert thou environ'd with a brazen wall. 4

Clif. Now, Richard, I am with thee here alone.
This is the hand that stabb'd thy father York,
And this the hand that slew thy brother Rutland;
And here's the heart that triumphs in their death 8
And cheers these hands that slew thy sire and brother,
To execute the like upon thyself;
And so, have at thee!

They fight. Warwick comes. Clifford flies.

Rich. Nay, Warwick, single out some other chase; 12
For I myself will hunt this wolf to death.


56 Forslow: delay

1 singled: selected one victim from the herd (hunting term)
9 cheers: encourages