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The Third Part of

My heart, sweet boy, shall be thy sepulchre,
For from my heart thine image ne'er shall go: 116
My sighing breast shall be thy funeral bell;
And so obsequious will thy father be,
E'en for the loss of thee, having no more,
As Priam was for all his valiant sons. 120
I'll bear thee hence; and let them fight that will,
For I have murther'd where I should not kill.

Exit [with the body].

Hen. Sad-hearted men, much overgone with care,
Here sits a king more woeful than you are. 124

Alarums. Excursions. Enter the Queen, the Prince, and Exeter.

Prince. Fly, father, fly! for all your friends are fled,
And Warwick rages like a chafed bull.
Away! for death doth hold us in pursuit.

Queen. Mount you, my lord; towards Berwick post amain. 128
Edward and Richard, like a brace of greyhounds
Having the fearful flying hare in sight,
With fiery eyes sparkling for very wrath,
And bloody steel grasp'd in their ireful hands, 132
Are at our backs; and therefore hence amain.

Exe. Away! for vengeance comes along with them.
Nay, stay not to expostulate; make speed,
Or else come after: I'll away before. 136

Hen. Nay, take me with thee, good sweet Exeter:
Not that I fear to stay, but love to go
Whither the queen intends. Forward! away!


118 obsequious: dutiful in mourning
123 overgone: oppressed
126 chafed: angered
131 very: veritable