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King Henry the Sixth, II. vi

War. From off the gates of York fetch down the head, 52
Your father's head, which Clifford placed there;
Instead whereof let this supply the room:
Measure for measure must be answered.

Edw. Bring forth that fatal screech-owl to our house, 56
That nothing sung but death to us and ours:
Now death shall stop his dismal threatening sound,
And his ill-boding tongue no more shall speak.

War. I think his understanding is bereft. 60
Speak, Clifford; dost thou know who speaks to thee?
Dark cloudy death o'ershades his beams of life,
And he nor sees, nor hears us what we say.

Rich. O! would he did; and so perhaps he doth: 64
'Tis but his policy to counterfeit,
Because he would avoid such bitter taunts
Which in the time of death he gave our father.

Clar. If so thou think'st, vex him with eager words. 68

Rich. Clifford! ask mercy and obtain no grace.

Edw. Clifford, repent in bootless penitence.

War. Clifford! devise excuses for thy faults.

Clar. While we devise fell tortures for thy faults. 72

Rich. Thou didst love York, and I am son to York.

Edw. Thou pitiedst Rutland, I will pity thee.

Clar. Where's Captain Margaret, to fence you now?

War. They mock thee, Clifford: swear as thou wast wont. 76

Rich. What! not an oath? nay, then the world goes hard

54 supply the room: take its place
55 Treatment given must correspond to treatment received
60 understanding: consciousness
67 Which: as
68 eager: biting
75 fence: shield
77 goes hard: has come to a hard pass