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King Henry the Sixth, III. i

Richard, be Duke of Gloucester. Now to London,
To see these honours in possession. Exeunt.




Scene One

[A Chase in the North of England]

Enter Sinklo and Humphrey [two gamekeepers], with cross-bows in their hands.


Sink. Under this thick-grown brake we'll shroud ourselves;
For through this laund anon the deer will come;
And in this covert will we make our stand,
Culling the principal of all the deer. 4

Hum. I'll stay above the hill, so both may shoot.

Sink. That cannot be; the noise of thy cross-bow
Will scare the herd, and so my shoot is lost.
Here stand we both, and aim we at the best: 8
And, for the time shall not seem tedious,
I'll tell thee what befell me on a day
In this self place where now we mean to stand.

Hum. Here comes a man; let's stay till he be past. 12

Enter the King, with a prayer-book.

Hen. From Scotland am I stol'n, even of pure love,
To greet mine own land with my wishful sight.
No, Harry, Harry, 'tis no land of thine;
Thy place is fill'd, thy sceptre wrung from thee, 16
Thy balm wash'd off wherewith thou was anointed:

Scene One S. d. Sinklo and Humphrey; cf. n.
2 laund: glade
4 Culling: selecting
9 for: in order that
11 self: very
12 stay: postpone action
14 wishful: longing
17 balm: consecrated oil
was: wast