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King Henry the Sixth, IV. i

That, though I want a kingdom, yet in marriage
I may not prove inferior to yourself.
You that love me and Warwick, follow me.

Exit Clarence, and Somerset follows.

Rich. [Aside.] Not I. 124
My thoughts aim at a further matter; I
Stay not for love of Edward, but the crown.

K. Edw. Clarence and Somerset both gone to Warwick!
Yet am I arm'd against the worst can happen, 128
And haste is needful in this desperate case.
Pembroke and Stafford, you in our behalf
Go levy men, and make prepare for war:
They are already, or quickly will be landed: 132
Myself in person will straight follow you.

Exeunt Pembroke and Stafford.

But ere I go, Hastings and Montague,
Resolve my doubt You twain, of all the rest,
Are near to Warwick by blood, and by alliance: 136
Tell me if you love Warwick more than me?
If it be so, then both depart to him;
I rather wish you foes than hollow friends:
But if you mind to hold your true obedience, 140
Give me assurance with some friendly vow
That I may never have you in suspect.

Mont. So God help Montague as he proves true!

Hast. And Hastings as he favours Edward's cause!

K. Edw. Now, brother Richard, will you stand by us?

Rich. Ay, in despite of all that shall withstand you.

K. Edw. Why, so! then am I sure of victory.
Now therefore let us hence; and lose no hour 148
Till we meet Warwick with his foreign power.


131 prepare: preparation
142 suspect: suspicion