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Henry the Fifth, IV. vii

what is the name of the other river; but 'tis all
one, 'tis alike as my fingers is to my fingers, and
there is salmons in both. If you mark Alex-
ander's life well, Harry of Monmouth's life is
come after
it indifferent well; for there is figures 35
in all things. Alexander,—God knows, and you
know,—in his rages, and his furies, and his
wraths, and his cholers, and his moods, and his
displeasures, and his indignations, and also
being a little intoxicates in his prains, did, in
his ales and his angers, look you, kill his pest
friend, Cleitus. 42

Gow. Our king is not like him in that: he
never killed any of his friends.

Flu. It is not well done, mark you now, to
take the tales out of my mouth, ere it is made
and finished. I speak but in the figures and
comparisons of it: as Alexander killed his friend 48
Cleitus, being in his ales and his cups, so also
Harry Monmouth, being in his right wits and
his good judgments, turned away the fat knight
with the great belly-doublet: he was full of
jests, and gipes, and knaveries, and mocks; I
have forgot his name. 54

Gow. Sir John Falstaff.

Flu. That is he. I'll tell you, there is goot
men porn at Monmouth.

Gow. Here comes his majesty. 58

Alarum. Enter King Harry and Bourbon with [other] prisoners [Warwick, Gloucester, Exeter, and Others]. Flourish.

K. Hen. I was not angry since I came to France

34, 35 is come after: resembles
35 figures: analogues
53 gipes: jokes