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The Life of

Kath. Pardonnez-moi, I cannot tell wat is
'like me.'

K. Hen. An angel is like you, Kate; and you
are like an angel.

Kath. Que dit-il? que je suis semblable à les
anges? 113

Alice. Oui, vraiment, sauf votre grace, ainsi

K. Hen. I said so, dear Katharine; and I
must not blush to affirm it. 117

Kath. O bon Dieu! les langues des hommes
sont pleines de tromperies.

K. Hen. What says she, fair one? that the
tongues of men are full of deceits? 121

Alice. Oui, dat de tongues of de mans is be
full of deceits: dat is de princess.

K. Hen. The princess is the better English-
woman. I' faith, Kate, my wooing is fit for thy
understanding: I am glad thou canst speak no
better English; for, if thou couldst, thou wouldst
find me such a plain king that thou wouldst
think I had sold my farm to buy my crown. I 129
know no ways to mince it in love, but directly
to say 'I love you': then, if you urge me further
than to say 'Do you in faith?' I wear out my
suit. Give me your answer; i' faith do: and so
clap hands and a bargain. How say you, lady?

Kath. Sauf votre honneur, me understand well.

K. Hen. Marry, if you would put me to verses,
or to dance for your sake, Kate, why you undid 137
me: for the one, I have neither words nor mea-
, and for the other, I have no strength in
measure, yet a reasonable measure in strength.

137 undid: would undo
138 measure; cf. n.