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Henry the Fifth, V. ii

K. Hen. Nay, it will please him well, Kate;
it shall please him, Kate. 268

Kath. Den it shall also content me.

K. Hen. Upon that I kiss your hand, and I
call you my queen.

Kath. Laissez, mon seigneur, laissez, laissez!
Ma foi, je ne veux point que vous abaissiez votre
grandeur, en baisant la main d'une de votre seig-
neurie indigne serviteur: excusez-moi, je vous
supplie, mon très-puissant seigneur. 276

K. Hen. Then I will kiss your lips, Kate.

Kath. Les dames, et demoiselles, pour être
baisées devant leur noces, il n'est pas la cou-
tume de France. 280

K. Hen. Madam my interpreter, what says she?

Alice. Dat it is not be de fashion pour les
ladies of France,—I cannot tell wat is baiser
en Anglish. 284

K. Hen. To kiss.

Alice. Your majesty entendre bettre que moi.

K. Hen. It is not a fashion for the maids in
France to kiss before they are married, would
she say? 289

Alice. Oui, vraiment.

K. Hen. O Kate! nice customs curtsy to great
kings. Dear Kate, you and I cannot be confined
within the weak list of a country's fashion: we 293
are the makers of manners, Kate; and the
liberty that follows our places stops the mouths
of all find-faults, as I will do yours, for uphold-
ing the nice fashion of your country in denying
me a kiss: therefore, patiently, and yielding 298
[Kissing her]. You have witchcraft in your lips,

291 curtsy: bow
293 list: barrier