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Henry the Fifth, II. i

Bard. Hear me, hear me what I say: he that
strikes the first stroke, I'll run him up to the
hilts, as I am a soldier. [Draws.]

Pist. An oath of mickle might, and fury shall abate.
Give me thy fist, thy fore-foot to me give;
Thy spirits are most tall. 72

Nym. I will cut thy throat, one time or other,
in fair terms; that is the humour of it.

Pist. 'Couple a gorge!'
That is the word. I thee defy again. 76
O hound of Crete, think'st thou my spouse to get?
No; to the spital go,
And from the powdering-tub of infamy
Fetch forth the lazar kite of Cressid's kind, 80
Doll Tearsheet she by name, and her espouse:
I have, and I will hold, the quondam Quickly
For the only she; and—pauca, there's enough.
Go to.

Enter the Boy.

Boy. Mine host Pistol, you must come to my
master, and your hostess: he is very sick, and
would to bed. Good Bardolph, put thy face be-
tween his sheets and do the office of a warming-
pan. Faith, he's very ill. 88

Bard. Away, you rogue!

Host. By my troth, he'll yield the crow a
pudding one of these days. The king has killed
his heart. Good husband, come home presently.

Exit [with Boy].

Bard. Come, shall I make you two friends?

70 mickle might: great weight
72 tall: valiant
75 Couple a gorge: coupe la gorge
77 hound of Crete; cf. n.
78 spital: hospital
79 powdering-tub; cf. n.
80 the lazar kite of Cressid's kind; cf. n.
83 pauca: briefly
86 thy face; cf. n.
92 presently: immediately