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Henry the Fifth, II. ii

Enter Hostess.

Host. As ever you came of women, come in
quickly to Sir John. Ah, poor heart! he is so
shaked of a burning quotidian tertian, that it is
most lamentable to behold. Sweet men, come to

Nym. The king hath run bad humours on
the knight; that's the even of it. 128

Pist. Nym, thou hast spoke the right;
His heart is fracted and corroborate.

Nym. The king is a good king: but it must
be as it may; he passes some humours and
careers. 133

Pist. Let us condole the knight; for, lambkins, we
will live. [Exeunt.]


Scene Two

[Southampton. A Council-chamber]

Enter Exeter, Bedford, and Westmoreland.

Bed. 'Fore God, his Grace is bold to trust these

Exe. They shall be apprehended by and by.

West. How smooth and even they do bear themselves!
As if allegiance in their bosoms sat, 4
Crowned with faith and constant loyalty.

Bed. The king hath note of all that they intend,
By interception which they dream not of.

Exe. Nay, but the man that was his bedfellow,

124 quotidian tertian; cf. n.
128 the even of it; cf. 'the long and the short of it'
130 fracted: broken
corroborate; cf. n.
133 careers; cf. n.
134 condole: sympathise with

2 by and by: immediately