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Henry the Fifth, II. ii

To furnish him with all appertinents
Belonging to his honour; and this man 88
Hath, for a few light crowns, lightly conspir'd,
And sworn unto the practices of France,
To kill us here in Hampton: to the which
This knight, no less for bounty bound to us 92
Than Cambridge is, hath likewise sworn. But O!
What shall I say to thee, Lord Scroop? thou cruel,
Ingrateful, savage and inhuman creature!
Thou that didst bear the key of all my counsels,
That knew'st the very bottom of my soul, 97
That almost mightst have coin'd me into gold
Wouldst thou have practis'd on me for thy use!
May it be possible that foreign hire 100
Could out of thee extract one spark of evil
That might annoy my finger? 'tis so strange
That, though the truth of it stands off as gross
As black and white, my eye will scarcely see it.
Treason and murder ever kept together, 105
As two yoke-devils sworn to either's purpose,
Working so grossly in a natural cause
That admiration did not whoop at them: 108
But thou, 'gainst all proportion, didst bring in
Wonder to wait on treason and on murder:
And whatsoever cunning fiend it was
That wrought upon thee so preposterously 112
Hath got the voice in hell for excellence:
And other devils that suggest by treasons
Do botch and bungle up damnation
With patches, colours, and with forms, being fetch'd 116

90 unto the practices: in accord with the plots
91 Hampton: Southampton
107 grossly: palpably
108 admiration: wonder
109 proportion: seemliness
112 preposterously: contrary to the natural order of things
113 voice: verdict
114 suggest: seduce