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Henry the Fifth, II. iv

Which of a weak and niggardly projection
Doth like a miser spoil his coat with scanting
A little cloth.

Fr. King. Think we King Harry strong; 48
And; princes, look you strongly arm to meet him.
The kindred of him hath been flesh'd upon us,
And he is bred out of that bloody strain
That haunted us in our familiar paths: 52
Witness our too much memorable shame
When Cressy battle fatally was struck
And all our princes captiv'd by the hand
Of that black name, Edward Black Prince of Wales; 56
Whiles that his mountain sire, on mountain standing,
Up in the air, crown'd with the golden sun,
Saw his heroical seed, and smil'd to see him
Mangle the work of nature, and deface 60
The patterns that by God and by French fathers
Had twenty years been made. This is a stem
Of that victorious stock; and let us fear
The native mightiness and fate of him. 64

Enter a Messenger.

Mess. Ambassadors from Harry King of England
Do crave admittance to your majesty.

Fr. King. We'll give them present audience. Go, and bring them.

[Exeunt Messenger and certain Lords.]

You see this chase is hotly follow'd, friends. 68

Dau. Turn head, and stop pursuit; for coward dogs
Most spend their mouths when what they seem to threaten

46 projection: calculation
50 been flesh'd: preyed; cf. n.
57 mountain sire: mighty father
64 fate: what he is destined to perform
67 present: immediate