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The Life of

Mac. Of my nation! What ish my nation?
ish a villain, and a bastard, and a knave, and a
rascal? What ish my nation? Who talks of
my nation? 139

Flu. Look you, if you take the matter other-
wise than is meant, Captain Macmorris, per-
adventure I shall think you do not use me with
that affability as in discretion you ought to use
me, look you; being as good a man as yourself,
both in the disciplines of war, and in the deriva-
tion of my birth, and in other particularities. 146

Mac. I do not know you so good a man as
myself: so Chrish save me, I will cut off your
head. 149

Gow. Gentlemen both, you will mistake each

Jamy. A! that's a foul fault. A parley.

Gow. The town sounds a parley. 153

Flu. Captain Macmorris, when there is more
better opportunity to be required, look you, I
will be so bold as to tell you I know the disci-
plines of war; and there is an end.

Exit [with Gower and the other captains].


Scene Three

[Before the Gates of Harfleur]

[The Governor and some Citizens on the walls; the English forces below.] Enter the King and all his Train before the gates.

K. Hen. How yet resolves the governor of the town?

136-139 Of my . . . nation; cf. n.