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Henry the Fifth, III. vi

With pennons painted in the blood of Harfleur:
Rush on his host, as doth the melted snow
Upon the valleys, whose low vassal seat
The Alps doth spit and void his rheum upon: 52
Go down upon him, you have power enough,
And in a captive chariot into Roan
Bring him our prisoner.

Con.This becomes the great.
Sorry am I his numbers are so few, 56
His soldiers sick and famish'd in their march,
For I am sure when he shall see our army
He'll drop his heart into the sink of fear,
And for achievement offer us his ransom. 60

Fr. King. Therefore, lord constable, haste on Montjoy,
And let him say to England that we send
To know what willing ransom he will give.
Prince Dauphin, you shall stay with us in Roan.

Dau. Not so, I do beseech your majesty. 65

Fr. King. Be patient, for you shall remain with us.
Now forth, lord constable and princes all,
And quickly bring us word of England's fall. 68



Scene Six

[The English Camp in Picardy]

Enter Captains, English and Welch, Gower and Fluellen.


Gow. How now, Captain Fluellen! come you
from the bridge?

Flu. I assure you, there is very excellent
services committed at the pridge. 4

52 void his rheum: discharge his mucus
54 Roan: Rouen
60 for: instead of

Scene Six S. d. English and Welch; cf. n.