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Henry the Fifth, IV. ii

I know thy errand, I will go with thee: 328
The day, my friends, and all things stay for me.



Scene Two

[The French Camp]

Enter the Dauphin, Orleans, Rambures, and [Others].


Orl. The sun doth gild our armour: up, my lords!

Dau. Montez à cheval! My horse! varlet! lackey! ha!

Orl. O brave spirit!

Dau. Via! les eaux et la terre! 4

Orl. Rien puis? Fair et le feu.

Dau. Ciel! cousin Orleans.

Enter Constable.

Now, my lord constable!

Con. Hark how our steeds for present service neigh! 8

Dau. Mount them, and make incision in their hides,
That their hot blood may spin in English eyes,
And dout them with superfluous courage: ha!

Ram. What! will you have them weep our horses' blood? 12
How shall we then behold their natural tears?

Enter Messenger.

Mess. The English are embattl'd, you French peers.

Con. To horse, you gallant princes! straight to horse!
Do but behold yon poor and starved band, 16
And your fair show shall suck away their souls,
Leaving them but the shales and husks of men.

4 Via: away
11 dout: put out
18 shales: shells