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Henry the Fifth, IV. iv

Pist. Qualtitie calmie custure me. Art thou a gentleman? 4
What is thy name? discuss.

Fr. Sol. O Seigneur Dieu!

Pist. O Signieur Dew should be a gentleman:—
Perpend my words, O Signieur Dew, and mark:
O Signieur Dew, thou diest on point of fox 9
Except, O signieur, thou do give to me
Egregious ransom.

Fr. Sol. O, prenez miséricorde! ayez pitié de
moi! 13

Pist. Moy shall not serve; I will have forty moys;
Or I will fetch thy rim out at thy throat
In drops of crimson blood. 16

Fr. Sol. Est-il impossible d'échapper la force
de ton bras?

Pist. Brass, cur!
Thou damned and luxurious mountain goat, 20
Offer'st me brass?

Fr. Sol. O pardonnez moi!

Pist. Sayst thou me so? is that a ton of moys?
Come hither, boy: ask me this slave in French
What is his name. 25

Boy. Écoutez: comment êtes-vous appelé?

Fr. Sol. Monsieur le Fer.

Boy. He says his name is Master Fer. 28

Pist. Master Fer! I'll fer him, and firk him,
and ferret him. Discuss the same in French
unto him.

Boy. I do not know the French for fer, and
ferret, and firk. 33

4 Qualtitie calmie custure me; cf. n.
8 Perpend: consider
9 fox: sword
14 moys; cf. n.
15 rim: midriff
20 luxurious: lustful
29 firk: beat
30 ferret: worry (as a ferret does its game)