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All reports and communications on the Company’s business, including replies, originating on this division, intended for the Superintendent or for any Assistant Superintendent, will be addressed simply, “Assistant Superintendent” (telegrams, “A. S.”), no name being used in the address unless intended to reach an official away from his headquarters, or to be personal rather than official, in which latter case it will be held unopened for the person addressed. It is intended that an Assistant Superintendent shall be on duty in charge of the division headquarters office during office hours. The designation of a particular Assistant Superintendent to handle specified classes of correspondence and telegrams is a matter concerning only this office. Each official transacts business in his own name, and no person should sign the name or initials of another. The principle to guide subordinate officials and employes is to be governed by the latest instructions issued and received.

Train orders will be given over the initials of the Train Dispatcher on duty, as will messages originated by him.

The modifications of pre-existing organization and methods herein ordered have been carefully worked out to expedite the Company’s business by the reduction and simplification of correspondence and records. It is expected and believed that officials and employes will insure a successful outcome by lending their usual intelligent coöperation and hearty support.

Officials and other persons above and outside the jurisdiction of this division are requested to address official communications intended for the Superintendent or for any Assistant Superintendent, simply, “Superintendent, ............ Division ............,” (telegrams, “Supt.”), no name being used in the ad-