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Bk. II. Ch. I.

is easy to see how it might be done. What is wanted is that some competent archaeologist should do for the ethnography of France what

309. Diagram of the Architectural Divisions of France.[1]

Dr. W. Smith did at the end of the last century for the geology of England. Like that early pioneer of exact knowledge in his peculiar department, he must be content to wander from province to province,

  1. A small chart of the same sort has been published by M. de Caumont.["Abécédaire d'Architecture," p. 174.] which, though an improvement, still leaves much to be desired; but until every church is examined, and every typical specimen at least published, it is impossible to mark out more than the general features of the chart. Imperfect, however, as they are in this one, they are still more numerous and more detailed than it will be easy for us to follow and to trace out in the limited space of this work.