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I. The Cape Ann Sloop 1

II. A Morning's Mail 12

III. Captain Brandt at the Throttle 24

IV. Among the Blackfish and Tomcods 42

V. Aunty Bell's Kitchen 60

VI. A Little Dinner for Five 76

VII. Betty's First Patient 103

VIII. The "Heave Ho" of Lonny Bowles 122

IX. What the Butcher saw 139

X. Strains from Bock's 'Cello 162

XI. Captain Joe's Telegram 181

XII. Captain Joe's Creed 194

XIII. A Shanty Door 210

XIV. Two Envelopes 225

XV. A Narrow Path 236

XVI. Under the Willows 259

XVII. The Song of the Fire 269

XVIII. The Equinoctial Gale 275

XIX. From the Lantern Deck 284

XX. At the Pines 300

XXI. The Record of Nickles, the Cook 319

XXII. After the Battle 334

XXIII. A Broken Draw 341

XXIV. The Swinging Gate 351

XXV. Under the Pitiless Stars 359

XXVI. Caleb trims his Lights 373